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CS-T400A Profile Light

Color Sage Lighting Electronics Limited

CS-T400A Profile Light CS-T400A Profile Light

Slave/Master * Sound actived * Auto * DMX 512
LED dimmer / Graphic cutting / Strobe effect


CS-T400B is a wonderful Profile Light, it has high definition optical system, smooth manual focus system. Glass/Metal gobo slot as optional, Five kinds angles 5°/10°/19°/26°/36° tube Lens can switch . 3 metal spot cutting slots.

Projector-quality, high contrast aspheric lens, glass reflector that removes greater than 90% infrared radiation (heat),housing made by high intension fireproof black ABS.

This product is widely used in live studio lighting, lighting stage lighting, concert fill light and so on.


CS-FC300 xiaoguo


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Model NO.: CS-T400B
LED Quantities 1pc COB LED
Input Voltage 90-260VAC/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 300W Cool white (Optional), 
300W Warm white (Optional), 

200W Cool white  (Optional), 
200W Warm white  (Optional), 
200W RGBW 4 in 1 (Optional), 
200W RGB 3 in 1 (Optional), 
200W Cool white + warm white 2 in 1 (Optional), 

120W Warm white (Optional), 
120W Cool white (Optional).
Cutting pieces 4
Zoom Mode Manual zoom
Lens Tube
5° (Optional), 
10° (Optional), 
19° (Optional), 
26° (Optional), 
36° (Optional).
Material Science Black / White ABS
Control 1. Slave/Master, 
2. Sound actived, 
3. Auto, 
4. DMX 512.
Color 5600K Cool white (Optional), 
3200K Warm white (Optional), 
RGBW 4 in 1 (Optional), 
RGB 3 in 1 (Optional), 
Effect 1. Dimming, 
2. Graphic cutting, 
3. Strobe effect.
Channel 4/8 DMX channels USITT for RGBW 4 in 1, 
3/7 DMX channels USITT for RGB 3 in 1, 
2/5 DMX channels USITT for cool white + warm white 2 in 1, 
1/3 DMX channels USITT for single color.
Display Screen LCD display
Packing & weight
Size 636mm*186mm*175mm
Net Weight 7.2kg
Packing 700mm*300mm*310mm
Gross Weight 9kg




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