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CS-B72A-Ⅱ Battery PAR Can

Color Sage Lighting Electronics Limited

CS-B72A-Ⅱ Battery PAR Can CS-B72A-Ⅱ Battery PAR Can

DMX512 * Sound control * Automatic * Master/Slave
Dimmer / Macro / Color Fade / Color Static / Strobe



CS-B72A-Ⅱ is a LED BATTERY PAR CAN, it used 6pcs LEDs. This product also has a bright white appearance, for weddings, celebrations, churches and other occasions.


CS-B72A-Ⅱ Effect


Charging about 5-6 hours, can used about 4.5 hours of full color, about 20 hours of single color.


It can control via DMX512, Sound control, Automatic, Master/Slave. This product is used to lighting for family gatherings, KTV box, disco, ballroom, nightclub, disco, ballroom, wedding, square, park, etc.


CS-BB90-Ⅲ waiguang


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Model NO.: CS-B72A-Ⅱ
LED Quantities 6pcs*12W
Input Voltage 90-240VAC/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 72W
Material Science Black / White Alloy
Control 1. Master/Slave, 
2. Sound actived, 
3. Automatic, 
4. DMX 512, 
Color RGBWA+UV 6 in 1 (Optional), 
RGBWA 5 in 1 (Optional), 
RGBW 4 in 1 (Optional), 
Effect Dimmer, Macro, Color Fade, Color Static, Strobe
Channel 6/10 CH for RGBWA+UV 6 in 1 (Optional), 
5/9 CH for RGBWA 5 in 1 (Optional), 
4/8 CH for RGBW 4 in 1 (Optional), 
Beam Angle 25° (45° Optional)
Display Screen Colorful LCD display
Battery Type Lithium battery
Battery Charging Time About 5-6 hours
Battery Using Hours About 4.5 hours of full color, 
About 20 hours of single color.
Packing & weight
Size 140mm*140mm*200mm
Net Weight 2.25kg
Packing 255mm*185mm*185mm
Gross Weight 3kg





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