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CS-S10A Mini Strobe Light

Color Sage Lighting Electronics Limited

CS-S10A Mini Strobe Light CS-S10A Mini Strobe Light
Sound Actived * Auto * Flash Speed Adjustable * Voice Sensituvity * Stepless Adjusted

CS-S10A is a super mini energy saving LED strobe, included 24pcs imported SMD 5050 LEDs. The brightness of the light source power increased by 40%, It features smooth strobe effect, high brightness and low power consumption 6-12W. There are 2 light colors available for this product: Cool white / RGB 3 in 1.


EN CS-S10A 0



There is acrylic cover in the front of the board to protect the LEDs from damage and dust.
EN CS-S10A 1
The shell is made of high quality plastic with light weight,fast heat dissipation and matt-touch feeling.
EN CS-S10A 2
It can control via sound actived, auto, flash speed adjustable, voice sensitivity and stepless adjusted. This product is used to enliven atmosphere for family gatherings, KTV box, disco Ballroom, ballroom, nightclub, disco, bar, mall, wedding, square, park, etc.. 
EN CS-S10A 4
The orange button control the model voice sensitivity and auto,turn left side to decrease the sensitivity and turn right side to increase the sensitivity.It will change to Auto mode when there is a sound “da..da”.

The blue button control the model of flash speed adjustable,turn to left to slow down the speed and turn to right to increase the speed.

Power cable plug-in can use directly,it’s simple and convenient.
EN CS-S10A 3

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Model NO.: CS-S10A
LED Quantities 24pcs LEDs,
Input Voltage AC90-260V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 6W-12W
Material Science Plastics, red / yellow / Blue / Green / Purple / Black / white, optional.
Aluminum, red / yellow / Blue / Green / Purple / Black / white, optional.
Control 1. Sound actived
2. Auto
3. Flash speed adjustable
4. Voice sensitivity
5. Stepless adjusted
Color Cool white (Optional), 
RGB 3 in 1 (Optional).
Effect Strobe
Packing & weight
Size 92mm*55mm*86mm
CS-SB10-Ⅰ(CW) Size
Net Weight 0.2kg
Packing 130mm*60mm*105mm
Gross Weight 0.25kg 




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