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CS-B72A-Ⅲ Battery PAR Can

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CS-B72A-Ⅲ Battery PAR Can CS-B72A-Ⅲ Battery PAR Can


CS-B72A-III is a rechargeable lamp that uses 6 lamp beads.
Charging for 5-6 hours can use color lighting for about 4 hours, and monochrome lighting time for about 10 hours. Body Mini Adjustable chassis for proper use

This light is suitable for adjusting the atmosphere, KTV box, disco, ballroom, night club, disco, bar, shopping mall, wedding, plaza, park, etc.

Its control methods include master-slave, voice control, self-propelled, DMX512

1.Master-slave control
2. Voice control
3. DMX512
4. Self-propelled
5. Wireless DMX dimming (optional)
6. Infrared remote control (optional)
7. Smartphone WiFi Control (optional)
8. Color mixing effect




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Model NO.: CS-B72A-Ⅲ
LED Quantities 4pcs*18W
Input Voltage AC100-250V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 72W
Material Science Alloy

1. Master/Slave, 
2. Sound actived, 
3. Automatic, 
4. DMX 512,


6.IR remote control(optional)

7.WIFI Mobile phone contronal(optional)

8. Color mixing effect




Color RGBWA+UV 6 in 1 (Optional), 
RGBWA 5 in 1 (Optional), 
RGBW 4 in 1 (Optional), 
Effect Dimmer, Macro, Color Fade, Color Static, Strobe
Channel 6/10 CH for RGBWA+UV 6 in 1 (Optional), 
5/9 CH for RGBWA 5 in 1 (Optional), 
4/8 CH for RGBW 4 in 1 (Optional), 
Beam Angle 30(±5) degree
Display Screen Colorful TFT display
Battery Type Lithium battery
Battery Charging Time About 5-6 hours
Battery Using Hours About 4. hours of full color, 
About 10 hours of single color.
Packing & weight
Net Weight 2.7kg
Packing 160mm*160mm*220mm
Gross Weight 3.2kg



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