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CS-E20C Effect Light

Color Sage Lighting Electronics Limited

CS-E20C Effect Light CS-E20C Effect Light

Sound actived * Auto * DMX512 (Optional)

Beam effect / Color change / Color mixing


CS-EA20 is a mini beam special effects lamp, using a RGB 3 in 1 / RGBW 4 in 1 LED lamp beads, the beam effect is obvious, high brightness.

CS-EA20 waiguang


This light body mini, color mixing effect is excellent, commonly used in banquets, weddings, product windows, bars, KTV, night market, disco, stage and so on lighting. This lamp can be well used in conjunction with other products, can make the atmosphere of events more high!


CS-EA20 has a black and white appearance optional, white appearance is more suitable for church, wedding, banquet and other occasions.

CS-EA20 xiaoguo-1

CS-EA20 xiaoguo-3


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Model NO.: CS-EA20
LED Quantities 1pc
Input Voltage 110-220VAC/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 10W for RGBW 4 in 1  (Optional), 
9W for RGB 3 in 1 (Optional).
Material Science Black / White plastic
Control 1. Sound actived, 
2. Auto, 
3. DMX512 (Optional).
Color RGBW 4 in 1, 
RGB 3 in 1.
Effect 1. Beam,
2. Color change, 
3. Color mixing.
Channle 6 CH
Beam Angle 6° 
Display Screen LCD display
Packing & weight
Size 140mm*90mm*140mm
Net Weight 0.53kg




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